Song requests
made easy.

Guests make requests via SMS or event webpage. You get a realtime request dashboard.

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Who's this for?


Keep your audience happy and
avoid getting attacked at your booth!

Event Planners

Improve guest satisfaction while
focusing on more important matters.


Increase business transactions by
keeping customers engaged longer.

Goodbye app downloads.

There's no app to install. Just a web dashboard for you and a webpage and SMS hotline for your guests.

Auto-notify guests.

Approve a request in your dashboard and we'll let guests know their request has been accepted.

Effortlessly collect tip$.

Enable/disable the opportunity to collect tips via credit/debit cards on each of your events.

More features

Realtime request dashboard

Local # for SMS requests Select Countries

30M+ song library to request from

Auto merge and upvote duplicate requests

Archive and view past event requests

Mark songs as played

No monthly fees.

Pay only for events you create.



Free, forever.

  • 25 requests
  • Accept tips


per event

  • 100 requests
  • Accept tips
  • Accept SMS requests
Most Populrr


per event

  • 500 requests
  • Accept tips
  • Accept SMS requests
  • Auto-notify guests


per event

  • 1,000 requests
  • Accept tips
  • Accept SMS requests
  • Auto-notify guests